web_icons_digitalmarketingThe digital space is a brave new world for marketers but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Let our digital experts be your guides!



Are you running your email campaigns as standalone marketing tools? Get it integrated with your other programs! With our powerful OnSpark Platform, you can execute your email, direct marketing, text messaging, and other programs as a single, customized, integrated marketing effort.


Get personal with PURLs (Personalized URLs) and watch your sales leads soar. PURLs give you the ability to create highly-targeted landing pages and sales channels specifically for your audience. Our OnSpark Platform will not only generate PURLs for you, it’ll let you dynamically assign them according to anything in your marketing data!

Mobile Messaging

Get out of the mailbox and into people’s pockets! SMS messaging is easily one of the fastest growing marketing segments available to savvy business owners. Over 95% of text messages are read within MINUTES of being received. Our OnSpark Platform allows for integrated SMS marketing so you can get your message in front of your audience in no time.

QR Codes

Bridge the gap between the physical and digital world with integrated, personalized QR codes. We can embed them wherever you like (direct mail, packaging, marketing collateral, even emails), and send your customers exactly where you want them to go.

Ready to get digital?