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Your clients expect relevant, personalized campaigns, and we can help you deliver through the power of  variable data and on-demand, full-color digital printing.

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At Varispark, we continually invest in new and better technologies, like our industry-leading HP Indigo digital color presses and our Canon VP i300 digital color press, in order to offer our partners the highest level of quality, accuracy, and speed. Short-run, on-demand printing means that even your smallest print jobs are handled quickly and look amazing.

We work with both design agencies and internal design teams to manage and execute direct mail campaigns from start to finish. Every direct mail marketing engagement with Varispark includes:

  • Data optimization and variable data programming to ensure that your direct mail is personalized and effective
  • Complete production services right from our facility to ensure that your mailing goes out on time with the highest attention to detail
  • Distribution to mail centers all over the continental U.S. for maximum postage savings and fastest in-home delivery
  • Full mail tracking for verification of in-home delivery from the USPS®
  • The option to expand your campaign into a fully integrated, omni-channel program

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is a technology that helps bring even more creativity and innovation to your work through the power of variable data. If you’ve got the data, we can use it to make your campaigns or collateral more relevant and personalized using the demographics of each individual recipient. 

Basic variable data printing is used to customize the name and address on each piece of mail, but it’s not just text that can be personalized. Customize your print collateral or marketing campaigns specifically for each recipient using variable images, maps, QR codes, personalized URLs, layouts, fonts, colors, and more, creating a truly custom communication for every recipient — and increasing your response rate, too. 

Why We Care About Data Optimization

Effective personalized print starts with good data. We’ll clean up your databases for you, eliminating duplicate records and eradicating bad records. Our data optimization experts will guide you through:

  • Merge, purge, & de-duplication
  • Data suppression
  • Data appends
  • Upper and lower casing
  • New list creation based on your chosen demographics and geography, including optional email addresses and telephone appends

Our goal is to make sure your marketing campaigns and print collateral go to the right people with the right message and at the lowest rates possible. You’ll be amazed at how a pristine database will improve deliverability and reduce costs.

Why Work with USPS Processing Experts

We’ll prepare your marketing pieces to get the maximum postage discounts and optimize your delivery using powerful, USPS-certified software. Our USPS areas of expertise include:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™)
  • Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)
  • Informed Delivery® integrated campaigns
  • Presorting orders to ensure the lowest possible postage cost
  • Drop shipping for optimum delivery and minimal cost

Take Your Campaigns Further by Going Omni-Channel

Think outside the mailbox! We have a stack of digital tools that work WITH your print and direct mail programs to extend your reach and maximize your impact across channels. Our in-house team can help you design custom omni-channel marketing campaigns that include:

  • Integrated email marketing that allows you to send scheduled, personalized HTML and plain text email messages as part of your marketing workflows
  • SMS messaging that gets your message in front of your audience wherever they are
  • Integrated Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as Google Ad display network retargeting, which allows you to serve your audience highly targeted, consistent ads across channels and platforms
  • Interactive campaigns that leverage the USPS Informed Delivery program to generate digital impressions and deliver additional customer insights
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs), targeted landing pages and individualized sales channels that can be dynamically assigned according to any variable in your marketing data 
  • QR codes that can be personalized and embedded in direct mail, packaging, marketing collateral, or emails, allowing you to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds
  • Microsites that include unlimited personalized pages and mobile-ready lead capture forms

Kick Off New Projects Online

Varispark’s OnSpark web-to-print platform is a digital command center for all of your printing and distribution needs — think of it as your marketing homebase. From regularly used mailing templates or personalized print materials to shirts, cups, and pens, our system can handle it all. It’s your one-stop print, procurement, and distribution shop. On-demand fulfillment is convenient, easy, fast, and cost-effective, and, best of all, everything stays on brand and consistent across all channels. Learn more about online order fulfillment for your ongoing mailing programs.

Track Your Spending

Every single dollar is tracked and visible with Varispark’s OnSpark Platform. Whether you want to track by organization, campaign, or individual user, every cost is transparent giving you the information that you need to create effective budgets and enforce budgetary constraints.

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