web_icons_crossmediaOur high-quality, digital color presses guarantee fast turnarounds and beautiful results on short-run, on-demand projects.

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In the past, print collateral and custom products were pre-printed and stored in bins on shelves until they were needed, but this led to a lot of pre-printed marketing materials being thrown away once they became irrelevant. This process was neither cost-effective nor environmentally friendly. 

Today, we print and ship as much as possible on demand, which allows for customization without the waste. Online ordering through our OnSpark platform makes opening new print jobs and tracking fulfillment easy.

How On-Demand Direct Mail and Print Collateral Works

Varispark utilizes the latest technology for online ordering along with pre-programmed templates to maximize efficiency in your ongoing mail programs. You can execute pre-programmed campaigns in under 5 minutes, pay by credit card, and even have your direct mailers delivered within 5-7 days of ordering (depending on quantity and location).

When you work with Varispark, we’ll first assess whether OnSpark could help simplify and streamline your marketing supply chain. If it’s a good solution for you, we’ll help you design a supply chain that practically runs itself, getting your marketing collateral and promotional products in the hands of your audience with speed and efficiency.

No more waiting on business hours, email replies, or playing phone tag. Through OnSpark, you can order print collateral or kick off your direct mail campaign in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

OnSpark allows you to manage multiple orders and users to seamlessly move your marketing collateral from printing to delivery. Reduce overhead and turnaround time, eliminate inventory and product obsolescence, and respond to your market with 24/7, on-demand ordering and shipping.

Promotional Products

Shirts, cups, hats, pens — whatever you want to customize for your brand, we can make it happen. Want to bundle print and promotional items together? We make it possible to build, order, and ship kits with any combination of print and promotional products, all available to order on demand through OnSpark. 

Distribution & Logistics

Drop shipping got you down? Package delivery driving you nuts? Let us take care of it for you. We don’t just produce great print pieces, direct mail, and marketing collateral — we get it where it needs to go. 

We work with USPS®, freight carriers, UPS®, and FedEx® to determine the best way to ship and deliver each product or kit to the recipient. Obviously, how quickly a customer needs something plays a big role in how we ship it, but our goal for every customer is to optimize shipping to satisfy timing needs while managing overall costs. We can even customize your package design to minimize the cost of shipping and improve the delivery time, all while staying on brand. 

Our team of logistics experts loves digging into the details and saving customers money, and thanks to our prime location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are uniquely positioned to speedily ship products and mail to either coast.

Simplify your fulfillment.